Infoseclabs part IV

There are some exciting new updates to the lab!  I finally got the Cisco ASA 5505 in, which replaced a Raspberry Pi running OpenWRT.  With this upgrade we are now able to have a functioning DMZ, which affords us the ability to have a publicly available lab!


ASA is in!
ASA is in!


I’ve also added a beefy new host and 52 port SG-500 Cisco switch.  The host has 96Gb of RAM and 2 quad core processors.  This was a huge boost in resources…time to grow the lab even more!

New host added
New host added to the lab


I also bought a small LACK from Ikea to use as a makeshift server rack.  It worked out perfectly!






Check us out on IRC if you have any questions!


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Infoseclabs Part III

At this point, we have the ESXi host built and VM’s running, but things are SLOOOOWWWW on that 7200RPM hard drive. So whats next? SSD’s of course!

I picked up a couple 240GB drives and went to work backing up my VM’s.

I went with two SanDisk Ultra II’s


I use Veeam for backups, which I’m a huge fan of.  I’ve been using Veeam for around 6 or 7 years, and it’s hands down the best backup software I’ve used.  Super easy to configure, and I can restore: entire VM’s, FLR (file-level recovery), and single email items inside Exchange mailboxes very quickly (Ok, Veeam commercial over).

veeam backup
Here’s an example of my Veeam backup job

So I backed up my VM’s and removed my old hard drive from the ESXi host.

I installed the SSD’s and began restoring my VM’s.  It was a little bit of  a process since I needed to install Veeam onto a different physical box to do the restores;  due to my backup server being located on a VM in the lab.  By the way, you should always put Veeam on a separate physical box 😛  In the end, it didn’t take very long at all though, and what a difference SSD’s make!!

I’ve added a few more VM’s into the lab as well:


lab 8-13-15
Lab restored!

But wait theres more!


I’ve also added some cool gear.  Many thanks to Hak5!

WiFi Pineapple Mark V Ultra Directional Kit:




20150809_091842 (1)



Lan Turtle:



USB Rubber Ducky:




More to come soon, so stay tuned!!

  • How-to videos of exercises using the pineapple, rubber ducky, and lan turtle
  • Using PowerShell Empire with various Windows boxes, including Windows 10
  • A NAS upgrade/offsite replication configuration
  • A firewall upgrade from OpenWrt/Raspberry Pi to a Cisco ASA 5505
  • and much more!

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